EQI Fit is a framework built upon our value system. It is what we believe in, value in others and it’s essentially who we strive to be. We use the EQI Fit framework to determine the suitability for EQI whether it’s the people we hire, clients we work with or the products/services we offer. Thus, EQI Fit is the central nervous system which controls the entirety of our activities.

Our People

Here at EQI, we hire for attitude over skill.
Skills can be learnt or improved over time but attitude is hard to change.

We seek for people who believe in what we believe in. We seek out people with specific attitudes even if the job isn’t customer facing. We call this the “EQI Fit”. This helps us build the positive and vibrant culture we envisage for our Company.

This doesn’t mean we ignore technical skills but we look more carefully at soft skills. By emphasizing more on attitudinal characteristics that align more closely with our brand, we aim to reinforce the distinctive culture which will in turn help us build a happier, more productive workforce.

We are not looking for a universally perfect attitude but the RIGHT attitude for our Company.

Our Clients

When it comes to choosing our clients, we again start with our EQI Fit framework to determine if the client’s values align with the values of our business. This approach helps us partner with like-minded businesses to foster productive business relationships.

Our Product / Service Offerings

Our product/service portfolio is another area which is driven by our EQI Fit framework. This means, not only are our offerings fit for the market but they also fit with our EQI philosophy.

So we don’t just offer any product/service because we see a need in the market. We offer what the market needs if it aligns with our business philosophy.

Attitudes and behaviours that align with our EQI brand

  • Passion for excellence

    We chase excellence with a hunger. People who have a passion for excellence never give up in the face of failure. Rather they treat it as a lesson learnt and keep moving towards their goal. We want our people to be driven to do their best and bring their best self to work.
  • Flexibility and Accountability

    We want our people to be willing to readily respond to ever changing business landscapes while also maintaining accountability to their actions. We seek people who have the “ability to change to fit changed circumstances” with a sound appreciation of how it affects the overall business.
  • Honesty and Integrity

    It’s about sticking to your moral and ethical principles and values. Transparency and integrity in all we do is paramount to us. We want our people to never compromise on their honesty and integrity even to achieve the biggest of their goals.
  • Trust and Modesty

    We fully place our trust in our team and seek out people who will do the same with us. Trust amongst the team is vital for a progressive company. We seek people who are humble, not egoistic and not pretentious.

The above values are not exhaustive and EQI regularly meets to discuss and enhance our EQI Fit framework as part of our due diligence as an ethical, moral and transparent company.