EQI specialize in Automotive support for vehicle manufacturers and their associated downstream dealer networks in the aftermarket arena. We look to increase our client’s profitability by use of products and services with good quality data analysis, resource management, competitor benchmarking, service repair quality auditing, cataloguing/illustration creation and accessory up selling.

EQI utilizes its highly versatile staff with decades of experience in this niche arena.

  • Data Analysis

    Using our acquired knowledge and skill set in this area to validate and make logical sense of complex data from numerous vehicle manufacturers allows us to support our clients using data to compile aftermarket bill of materials (ABoM), and can be used further to aid in catalogue creation and benchmarking studies. This important understanding provides the foundation stone of our Automotive services.
  • Service Repair Quality Auditing

    As a Dealer or as a vehicle manufacturer it is often hard to see what the quality of work is like once a Pre-Delivery Inspection, Service, Repair or Body Repair is carried out. Customer loyalty is absolute key for repeat custom and customer satisfaction leading to repeat sales. The Repair Man product allows for the dealer and the vehicle manufacture to monitor the quality of work going out of the workshops to ensure a right first-time ethos.
  • Resource Management

    EQI has the ability to provide low cost/highly skilled workforce either with our clients offsite or onsite in India/Australia to give flexibility, peace of mind and further reduce work pressure and the associated cost drivers which impact our clients.
  • Competitor Benchmarking

    Parts pricing and availability strategy is a key driver in the aftermarket arena, EQI provides a well-balanced and transparent service to allow our clients to see their part pricing against from one to five different competitors on vehicles of our clients choosing.
  • Cataloguing & Illustration creation

    Following on from the first data analysis steps, EQI will take engineering data, make sense of this data and compile it into a logical format which is easy for the downstream clients to use for ordering replacement parts, we also create high quality technical illustrations which work hand in hand with the compiled data, working to reduce wrong parts identification at point of sale.
  • Accessory Upselling

    When a salesperson initiates a sale it sometimes can be problematic making sure the end client personalises their new/nearly new vehicle. EQI have created their own product called Gateway which provides for the salesperson and the end client a dynamic, up to date product listing which is beautifully presented and provides exposure to the complete range of accessories that a vehicle manufacturer can offer.

For further infomation on any of our Automotive products and services please contact us